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GLL MasterClass offers mentoring to students who wish to bring their projects to the next level. Students will get a chance to perform professional research work under the guidance of mentors of relevant fields.


The MasterClass will consist of 2 sessions. The firs session includes 12 hours of coaching, where students will be stretched to perform tasks and observations accurately and efficiently. After which students will be guided by their mentors to consolidate their findings and analyse critically. 

Upon completion of the first session, participants will perform research work independently, with periodic reviews by our coaches leading up to the GLL competition. The second session will be held three months after the first session, where our instructors will conduct mock presentations to prepare students for the Oral or Poster presentations.

The learning objectives of this MasterClass are as follow:

1. Ability to apply knowledge across various different disciplines.

2. Develop public speaking skill as students are expected to deliver presentations on the MasterClass platform.

3. Develop strong teamwork as students work in groups to present their ideas coherently.

4. Ability to perform proper and accurate research projects independently.

Contact us today to get your project started! E-mail us at for more information.

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