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GLL Singapore

Q: What is GLL Singapore?

A: GLL Singapore is a five-day annual event where passionate students from all over Asia congregate to showcase their brilliant research projects and embark on exciting learning adventures with peers to learn about pressing social issues faced by developed countries and how implementation of solutions might not always be homogenous. Participants will also be exposed to opportunities to stretch their boundaries, think critically to solve issues and perform team-based tasks. More information can be found on the main event page here.

Q: Why participate in GLL?

A: GLL is a perfect platform for you and your team to showcase your research project and receive valuable inputs from notable judges. On top of that, you will get to interact with like-minded youths from different backgrounds, where ideas and opinions are exchanged in a free and safe environment.

Q: Where will the event be held?

A: GLL 2019 will be held in National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Accommodation will be provided at Anglo Chinese School (Independent).  

Q: Do participants need high level of English?

A: Participants do not require an exceptionally high level of English, however, they must be able to conduct a presentation in fluent English. If required, we can also conduct a Master class prior to the event at your home country to better prepare the students.

Q: Who can attend GLL?

A: Students aged 13 to 18 years at the time of the event.



Q: How do I register?

A: You can register via our website, at this link.

You may also contact our students' admin team at for any issues or queries regarding the registration process.

Q: When will registration open?

A: Early Bird Registration open on Feb 2019. 

Q: When is the deadline for registrations?

A: Details about deadlines can be found at our registration page.

Q: Is there a minimum number of students to register?

A: No, however, we strongly encourage students NOT to travel here alone. If you are participating alone, it would be best if a teacher or parent accompanies.

Q: If I have participated last year, can I join the event again using the same project?

A: Yes, you may join the event again. However, we strongly encourage students to NOT recycle their projects unless there have been revisions or further research work done to the projects.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age/ level to register?

A: Yes, this is an event meant for students in middle/high schools. i.e. Youths between ages 13 - 18.

Q: Will there be any certificates given for this event?

A: Yes, there are two certificates given out. All participants who have participated in the entire programme will be given an e-certificate which they can print out. Additionally, participants who have submitted a research project for the project competition will receive another certificate.

Q: When must we make payment?

A: Within 2 weeks after the submission of the registration form. Our students' admin team will e-mail you the detailed instructions regarding payment methods within 3 working days after receiving your registration.

Q: Our school require an official invitation letter for this event, is it possible to have one?

A: Absolutely! Invitation letters can be sent upon request. Kindly e-mail us at to request.

Q: Can I register independently as a private participant, i.e. without a school?

A: We welcome all students who are interested in GLL to participate! However, we strongly encourage students NOT to travel here alone. If you are participating alone, it would be best if a teacher or parent accompanies.

Q: Do we need to book our own flight?

A: Yes, all participants are to book their own flight to Singapore on the stipulated date or earlier. After which kindly send a screenshot of the flight details to us.



Q: How can we pay?

A: After registration, our liaison will be in contact with your group leader/ teacher. Once the group's itinerary is firmed, our staff will issue an invoice and inform of a payment deadline.

Q: Can we withdraw from the event and receive a full refund?

A: Kindly refer to Payment Terms at the bottom of the page.

Q: What are the deadlines?

A: The registration and payment date for GLL Singapore 2019 will end on 10 May 2019. Any late registration beyond this date is subjected to approval and late registration fee.

Q: What are we expected to do before the event?

A: If you have registered for the project competition, you will know whether your project has been selected for the oral session or the poster session by mid-June 2019.

You may view the sample instruction sheets from 2018 for both oral and poster session in this PDF.

Two weeks prior to your arrival in Singapore, a brief will be sent out to your group leader/teacher containing all instructions. 

Q: Can I replace anyone from my list of participants?

A: In the event where any of the original participants is unable to attend, a replacement is needed. We strongly encourage any changes to be made before the end of registration, 10 May 2019. To replace a participant, kindly e-mail us at for further assistance.

Q: Can I change the number of participants after I have confirmed the list?

A: You are more than welcome to add participants before the end of registration! However, after the registration deadline, a late registration fee will be charged if you choose to add more participants.

In the event where you need to reduce the number of participants, kindly refer to our refund policy.

To change the number of participants, kindly get in touch with our students' admin team at

Q: What do I need to pack?

A: Once registered, we will send your group leader an event guide, it’ll contain detailed information regarding GLL Singapore. Also, there will be a suggested packing list.

Q: When must I reach Singapore?

A: Please refer to the schedule here. However, if you wish to come earlier than the arranged date, kindly book your own accommodations.



Q: Will there be anyone picking us up from Changi Airport (Singapore International Airport)?

A: Airport transfer will only be arranged if the group size is 7 and above. The Airport transfer will be from Singapore Changi Airport to the accommodations directly. No additional stop will be included.

Q: What should we do if we fall sick during the event?

A: Alert your teachers/ our staff immediately. Depending on the severity, you might not be able to join part of the programme. 

Q: Will we have time to tour Singapore on our own?

A: You will have time outside of the stipulated itinerary to explore Singapore on your own, subject to consent by your teacher-in-charge and parents.

Do note that the organisers of GLL do not bear responsibilities for any injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, expense or any other claim arising from involvement in any activities or provision of any services. We will no longer be liable for direct or indirect losses, arising from any such injury, illness, damage, loss accident or expense including consequential loss or economic loss however caused.

Q: Can I skip any part of the programme?

A: No. Without valid reasons and without informing the organisers, you are not to absent yourself from any part of the programme.

Q: Are meals provided?

A: Most of the meals during the event are provided for unless stated otherwise. You will receive a detailed itinerary upon payment, which will indicate if the meals are provided.



Q: I'm the winner of the event. What am I to expect?

A: We will contact the winners regarding the certificates, trophies and arrangement for Tsukuba Science Edge when information is ready. 

Q: Where can I view the photos/ videos taken?

A: The photos and videos will be uploaded on our Facebook Page within 2 weeks. The link is as follows:

Q: I've enjoyed the event very much! I would like to leave a review, where can I do that?

A: We are glad you've enjoyed it as much as we do! You can choose to leave a public review on our Facebook page, so other like-minded youths like you will be able to see and join us. The link is as follows: Alternatively, you can leave us a testimonial at our contact page.


Important notes

1. The registration fee does not account for bank transfer charges. Kindly enquire with your bank regarding these charges. 

2. For the registration to be valid and to enjoy the early bird rates, please make full payment before the stipulated deadline. If the deadline is missed, you will be liable to make payment for the next tier.

3. Please ensure that the payment includes the full name of the participant under the remarks section so that we can track your payment once made. Without the names as a remark, we might not be able to track your payment, and your registration may be cancelled.

4. Any student without proof of payment will be considered to not have paid until mentioned proof is provided and vetted.

5. If there is no payment received by 10 May 2019, your registration will be cancelled.

6. If partial payment is made by 10 May 2019, you will be given 1 week to make the full payment (17 May 2019). Thereafter, there will be a late charge of SGD 50 per week.

7. In the case where a participant is unable to attend the event for any reason, the school representative must inform our students' admin team at Participants who cannot attend the event are strongly encouraged to find somebody else to attend the event as a substitution, and inform our students' admin team of these changes. If the participant is unable to find a substitute participant, the following policies apply:​

       Cancellation and Refund Policy


There will be absolutely no refund for any participants who are unable to attend the event. All payment made will be forfeited if there is no replacement found.  

Feel free to contact our students' admin team at for any queries.

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