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27 - 30 JUNE, 2019, HONG KONG

The Global Leadership Link (GLL) Hong Kong is a sister programme of GLL Singapore. This four-day unique experience aims to give selected students real-world perspectives on global issues, and the creative mindset of how applications and solutions in the local context can be modified and implemented in other societies, using the context of urban geography and environmental sustainability. 

Invited students from various countries will travel to Hong Kong to present their projects on this regional conference. The research projects can either be on a critical social issue or a science research topic. Renowned professors and researchers from various prestigious institutions including Hong Kong University (the top university in Hong Kong) are invited to GLL Hong Kong to provide personalized feedback to students, to propel their ideas to greater heights. The conference will be coupled with a campus tour and a keynote lecture by a professor from HKU to widen students’ perspectives on areas such as Economics, Social Issue and Politics.

The programme also includes a specialized curriculum that links local site visits to the global context. Site visits will include the Hong Kong Wetland Park, which is a world-class ecotourism park that is protected by the intergovernmental treaty - the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Students will appreciate the interconnectedness of nature on a local and global scale, and how international agreements are put in place. Furthermore, the site visit to the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) will allow students to learn about how Hong Kong copes with its aging population through various solutions, and how these initiatives can be adapted and employed in other countries.

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